Moving To A Retirement Home

Mature couples often find they have far too much room when their children leave home for good, but selling their house and moving might not be their best option. Some of them will find they need the room again as their children fall on hard times and move home, and others might simply prefer to maintain their present home for guests and relatives visiting.  As long as they are still working, their current lifestyle might change little as the days pass. For those who have come to the point where working in their former career is over, a retirement home could be an option they are ready to consider.

Cleaning Out Memories

Many people have a solid investment in their home, and it has little to do with mortgage payments. Couples with a history stretching decades have taken the time to select each piece of furniture together, and they often have keepsakes from their various experiences. For those who have chosen to move to a retirement home, sorting through the items they will keep is about cleaning out memories of the places they have been as a couple. It can be difficult to let go of some of them, but others might have lost their meaning over the years.

Giving items Away

Few people are eager to sell everything they have, but downsizing means many items will have to change ownership. Giving items away to charity has become a popular way to ensure longevity of special pieces, but it can be difficult for those who have spent years collecting their furnishings. They might invite their children to take what they want, or they could give select pieces to friends and relatives they know will cherish them. It could become a time when they must let go, but each item will pay them back with the memories of acquisition and usage over the years as they send it off.

Packing for the Move

Few things are less welcome in life than packing for the move, but retirement often means relocation to a new area. While the couple might be looking forward to taking possession of their new home, putting their belongings into boxes could be one of the worse chores of their lives. There are professionals to help them with this task, or they could call their friends or children to join them in their misery. It might take time if they are insistent on retaining most of their belongings, but there are always some who are interested in only packing a suitcase.

Retirement brings many large changes to the lives of couples, and downsizing can be one of the most difficult. Their bond will help them through choosing the items they will keep, and giving some of their cherished possessions to friends or family might provide them with a feeling of pleasure. Doing it together is another step along the road of building their lives, but leaving behind their memories and possessions could still be a difficult task as they face the prospect of creating a new chapter in their lives.